Energy Consulting

One of the clearest metrics for high performance buildings is energy consumption and cost. Apollo BBC provides designers with actionable recommendations for lowering energy costs for new construction, and owners with rate of return analysis for potential conservation measures.

Energy Cost Reduction Assessment

Apollo BBC is experienced at providing useful measures that both reduce energy consumption costs and enhance occupant comfort within the space.  Ongoing costs are a part of every building, but owners and managers should be on the lookout for reducing those costs at every opportunity.  Our consultants understand the unique needs for ventilation, cooling, and dehumidification, and provide recommendations that can manage cost without detracting from those comfort needs.

    • ASHRAE Levels 1, 2, and 3 Energy Audits
    • Historical Utility Bill Analysis
    • Energy Conservation Measures Identification


Energy Simulation and Calibration

Our extensive experience with existing buildings gives Apollo BBC consultants and simulators an intrinsic understanding of inputs for a simulation program and their validity in the real world. Whether for LEED Certification,  as input for conscientious designers, or for owner cost projection, Apollo BBC produces accurate and useful simulation results for commercial buildings.

    • LEED Energy Simulation
    • eQuest Simulation Software
    • DOE2 Simulation Software
    • EnergyPro Simulation Software


Measurement & Verification

Measurement and verification of existing conditions, including occupant behaviors and utility costs, gives smart operators the information they need to project future energy consumption and fine tune costs. Our experience with existing buildings and our proven energy conservation methods enable us to provide actionable advice to owners regarding the real world conditions of their buildings.

    • International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)
    • LEED Measurement and Verification Credit Compliance
    • Calibration of Existing Conditions to Energy Simulation
    • Calibration and Measurement of Energy Conservation Measures


Energy Star Assessment

Energy Star is the most recognized metric for energy use in America.  Apollo BBC provides pre-certification assessments determining performance levels and the likelihood of improvement, and then manages the certification process.  Ask us how we can assist with your building.


Apollo BBC focuses on aspects of high performance buildings, including building enclosure systems, MEP performance, sustainability, and energy conservations. We provide our clients with Better Answers.