Professional Services

Our services are designed to provide owners, developers, and architects with independent, third party expertise to ensure they are receiving the highest quality building performance.

Applying our scientific and engineering knowledge to the failure analysis of building components is the core of our professional services. Apollo BBC professionals are experts in the design, installation, and repair of architectural enclosure systems. We utilize our field-based experience of building construction, along with scientific expertise, to identify root causes of failures and repair solutions.

Whether a historic structure exhibiting unusual failures and in need of repairs, or a commercial building collapse causing injury, Apollo BBC structural engineers have the expertise to provide Better Answers.

We’re not like other HVAC/MEP designers. We delve into the physics and don’t rely solely on the output of software programs. Our consultants have hands on experience, working with builders and operations and maintenance personnel to make systems work. Our expertise comes from involvement with existing buildings; identifying their failures and problems achieving occupant comfort, and from retrofit applications intended to repair problems built into their original design. 

Sustainability has many industry related meanings, but to us it is another form of High Performance Buildings, allowing another method of evaluating and benchmarking design and construction.  We’ve provided sustainability and LEED consulting for projects nationwide, and our methods are successful at delivering a project that the design team, construction team, and owner are proud of.

One of the clearest metrics for high performance buildings is energy consumption and cost. Apollo BBC provides designers with actionable recommendations for lowering energy costs for new construction, and owners with rate of return analysis for potential conservation measures.

Apollo BBC provides assistance with issues related to the ownership, construction, and repair of buildings. To contact a representative and request a proposal for your project, please call 800.370.5456 or send an email to